Our church desires to make a significant impact locally...

by partnering with ministries and organizations

to accomplish a special project or program. We offer several $5,000 local outreach grants each year based upon anapplication process. These grants enable local organizations each year to initiate new programs, update facilities, or accomplish projects that have been postponed due to funding.

Our partnership is more than just financial support.

Once the grants are awarded, the organization's project is promoted to our congregation, volunteers are recruited to assist the organization, and we pray for the organization and their efforts. A follow up visit is conducted at 6 months to evaluate the impact and offer additional assistance.

2012 Local Outreach Grant Application

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Grant Recipients

2011 Lakeshore Pregnancy Center [details]
2010 Muskegon Rescue Mission [details]
2009 Muskegon Pregnancy Services [details]
2008 Lakeshore Pregnancy Center [details]